Coin Center will not support XRP against SEC

The DC think tank doesn’t see XRP like Bitcoin or Ethereum.

In the upcoming lawsuit against the US securities regulator, Ripple will not receive any support from some key people in the crypto lobby

Jerry Brito, the executive director of Coin Center , made it clear on Tuesday that his organization would not object that XRP is a security.

In response to a question about Coin Center’s work to keep XRP out of the SEC’s purview, Brito posted two articles in which Coin Center argued why Bitcoin and Ethereum are not securities. He pointed out that there was no such contribution for Ripple:

Coin Center is a non-profit advocacy and research group that supports the development of crypto-friendly policies. The organization began lobbying Bitcoin in 2014.

Ripple has been discussing with the SEC for years whether XRP is a security that should fall within the purview of securities regulators. Although Ripple has tried to differentiate itself from XRP , the company holds more than half of the total token offering. Many argue that XRP matches Howey’s test , which views securities as any type of investment where profits are dependent on the work of a third party.

The SEC lawsuit against Ripple was announced by CEO Brad Garlinghouse, who asked the public for their opinion on Twitter on Monday

The XRP course has been in free fall since Garlinghouse made the lawsuit public. The third largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization fell below $ 0.50 and posted a double-digit decline in percent.

According to Garlinghouse, a SEC listing is not the end of the world for Ripple or XRP. He told the Pomp Podcast last month that „more than 90 percent of RippleNet customers are outside of the United States .“

Such a determination would then require US investors to complete a broker-dealer registration with the SEC in order to hold XRP. That would be a possible barrier to acceptance.