Ethereum (ETH) to Hit $2K Mark on 8th Anniversary? Analysts Weigh In

• Ethereum (ETH) went live on July 30, 2015 and is currently trading at $1,876.
• Over the past 8 years, Ethereum has become the leading altcoin in the crypto market with an active user base of 1.6 million and a market cap of $226 billion.
• Crypto investors are expecting Ethereum (ETH) to hit the significant mark of $2K on its eighth anniversary this week.

Ethereum (ETH) Goes Live

Ethereum (ETH) went live on July 30, 2015 at 10:26 am EST. The founding team named this first release as Frontier and since then, it has become the leading altcoin in the crypto market with over 1.6 million weekly active users and a current market capitalization of $226 billion.

Price Analysis

At the time of writing, ETH’s trading price is at $1,876 with a 0.74% increase in the last 24 hours and its daily trading volume is reported at $3.6 billion after a 10.64% decline from yesterday’s numbers. According to its daily price chart, ETH is near its 50-day exponential moving average (50 EMA). Additionally, according to its daily RSI, ETH is neutral but inching closer to the oversold zone.

$2K Mark Reached Twice This Year

In April 2021 for the first time this year, Ethereum’s price reached $2000 mark and stayed there for 3 days before experiencing a downward trend again. On July 14th 2021 however it hit that mark again reaching a high of $2028 only to fall back below 2k once more soon after that point .

Expectations Around 8th Anniversary

The entire crypto community is now expecting ETH to reach that significant mark yet again on its 8th anniversary this week as hype around it grows higher each day . If current bullish momentum continues ,the trading price will reach nearest resistance level which is located at 1917 USD ,if downward trend prevails than previous low point which stands at 1818 USD could be reached .


This article discussed how Ethereum (ETH), which went live on July 30th 2015 ,has become one of most influential cryptocurrencies in present day crypto world considering all their milestones achieved over past eight years . Crypto investors are now expecting ETH’s trading price to reach significant milestone – 2000 USD -on its 8th anniversary as hype around it increases each day .