Crypto Market Rallying as Fed Raises Interest Rates by 25 BPS

• The Federal Reserve Board recently voted to raise interest rates by a quarter of a percentage point.
• Markets responded positively, with Bitcoin prices even breaching the $24k mark.
• This is the smallest rate rise since March 2022, signaling a moderation in the pace of its rapid tightening throughout 2022.

Fed Raises Interest Rate

The Federal Reserve Board recently decided to increase interest rates by another quarter of a percentage point. This marks the smallest rate rise since March 2022 and signals a moderation in the pace of its rapid tightening throughout 2022.

Positive Crypto Market Reaction

The crypto market reacted positively to this news, with Bitcoin price even breaching the $24k mark. At the time of writing, Bitcoin is trading at $23,823 and is up 4% in the last 24 hours as per CMC. The 10-year Treasury yield has also decreased from 3.9 percent at year’s end to 3.5 percent now.

Stocks Increase on Tuesday

Stocks increased on Tuesday due to the Federal Reserve beginning its two-day meeting, with the technology industry as a whole seeing a 9% monthly increase. A surprising impact on inflation may be triggered if these market responses spark too-rapid increases according to CNBC.

Federal Reserve Continues To Be Vigilant About Inflation

The Federal Reserve continues to be vigilant about inflation and Chairman Jerome Powell delayed raises at this meeting despite it being widely anticipated that he would do so. Despite this being their weakest rise in a year, they remain diligent and determined in their fight against inflationary pressures.


Overall, markets responded positively after news broke out that the Fed had decided to raise interest rates by another quarter of a percentage point – this being their weakest rise in over a year – indicating that they are moderating their fight against inflationary pressures and remain vigilant about potential impacts on markets going forward.

Bitcoin Rally Continues as Altcoins Jump Amid Whale Accumulation

• Bitcoin (BTC) is trading 1.4% up at a price of $23,050 and a market cap of $443 billion.
• CryptoQuant CEO Ki Young Ju noted that Bitcoin has entered an early bull phase.
• Aptos led the rally in altcoin space jumping by more than 40% in a day amid huge whale accumulation.

The world’s largest cryptocurrency, Bitcoin (BTC), is currently seeing more buying interest as the price of BTC has recently spiked above the $23,000 mark. As of press time, the BTC price is trading 1.4% up at a price of $23,050 with a market cap of $443 billion.

CryptoQuant CEO Ki Young Ju has commented on the current state of Bitcoin and believes that the cryptocurrency has entered an early bull phase. According to on-chain PnL-related indicators such as MVRV ratio, most investors are still underwater. Ju believes that the selling pressure is unlikely to resume at these levels since no one would want to sell at a loss. He also mentioned that BTC whales have been holding their supplies and not moving them despite the recent price surge.

The current Bitcoin rally has also affected the altcoin space, with Aptos leading the rally by jumping more than 40% in a day. This was likely due to the huge whale accumulation in the altcoin.

Overall, the current Bitcoin rally appears to be very promising and is likely to continue for some time. This could be a great opportunity for investors to enter the market and take advantage of the current price surge. However, it’s important to keep in mind that there are still risks associated with the cryptocurrency market, such as contagion and macro risks, which may lead to more bankruptcies, M&As, and capitulations in the coming months.

Canine-Themed Tokens See $25.6B in Trading Volume in Just 1 Month!

• Dogecoin (DOGE), Shiba Inu (SHIB), and Bonk Inu (BONK) have collectively accounted for $25.6 billion in trading volume within the past month.
• Dogecoin saw $17.5 billion in trading volume over the past month compared to SHIB’s $7.2 billion, while Bonk Inu has done $885 million in trading volume since its December 25th launch.
• Bonk Inu’s roller-coaster price trajectory has also inspired a non-fungible token (NFT) collection and induced a Solana price surge.

Recently, canine-inspired tokens, such as Dogecoin and Shiba Inu, have made headlines due to their impressive monthly trading volume. Over the past month, Dogecoin (DOGE), Shiba Inu (SHIB), and Bonk Inu (BONK) have collectively accounted for a whopping $25.6 billion in trading volume. This figure is especially impressive when compared to the leading crypto Bitcoin (BTC), which has accounted for $618.7 billion in trading volume over the same period.

Dogecoin is the clear leader in the canine-themed tokens, making up for $17.5 billion of the total trading volume. SHIB follows closely behind, with $7.2 billion in trading volume. Despite being the least-known of the trio, Bonk Inu has seen impressive growth since its launch on December 25th, accounting for $885 million in trading volume.

The success of Bonk Inu, in particular, has inspired a non-fungible token (NFT) collection, and has triggered a surge in the price of the Solana blockchain. This surge has been beneficial to traders and investors, as well as the companies that are building on the Solana blockchain. Overall, the impressive performance of the canine-themed tokens has demonstrated their popularity and potential.

Ubisoft Shares Plunge 20% After Cancellations, Delays

• Ubisoft shares dropped 20% due to the cancellation of their upcoming game and the delay of Skull and Bones
• Three other projects were also cancelled by Ubisoft to focus on existing brands and services
• Ubisoft plans to depreciate around €500m of capitalized R&D

French video game publisher Ubisoft saw its shares plummet 20% after the company announced a slew of bad news. The video game publisher announced that the release of its game „Skull and Bones“ will be delayed. The premiere had previously been scheduled for the 9th of March, but with no specific date fixed, the French company now expects to release the game anytime from April 2023 to March 2024.

On top of the delayed game, Ubisoft also mentioned canceling three other projects. This news was the final nail in the coffin for the company’s share price. The decision to cancel these three projects was made in order to refocus resources on existing brands and live services.

The disappointing sales of Ubisoft’s existing games and the news of cancelations and delays have all taken a toll on the company’s share price. In order to mitigate the losses, Ubisoft plans to ‘depreciate around €500m of capitalized R&D’.

Analysts are expecting the company’s share price to remain volatile in the near-term, as the publisher attempts to recover from this bad news. In addition, the continued delay of the Skull and Bones game means that the game will not be available to the public until at least March 2024.

Ubisoft’s CEO, Yves Guillemot, has tried to remain hopeful and optimistic, stating that the company is “fully committed to our long-term vision of creating the best possible gaming experiences for our players”. He further added that “we remain confident in our strategy and our ability to deliver on our financial targets.”

Despite the company’s optimistic outlook, Ubisoft’s share price still took a hit following the announcement of these delays and cancellations. It will be interesting to see how the company navigates the next few years as it attempts to recover from this bad news.

Beat Crypto Tax Filing with Cryptiony – Get Accurate Reports Easily!

1. Cryptiony was established to help solve the challenge of filing crypto tax reports.
2. The UK is a notable exception to the lack of enforcement of crypto taxes and filing its report is a criminal offense.
3. Cryptiony provides innovative crypto tax automation platforms to assist with filing tax returns.

Cryptocurrency is becoming increasingly popular and as the sector grows, the more complex the filing of tax reports becomes. To make matters more complicated, different jurisdictions have different regulations on tax filing. The United Kingdom is a notable exception to this, as filing taxes is not only mandatory, but it is also a criminal offence to evade or not file crypto taxes.

This has created a need for innovative crypto tax automation platforms to help with filing tax returns and this is where Cryptiony comes in. Established to help solve one of the most fundamental challenges of filing crypto tax reports, Cryptiony provides a unique solution to this complex problem.

Cryptiony’s platform is easy to use and provides users with all the necessary tools to file their taxes in a timely and accurate manner. It uses a range of proprietary algorithms to ensure that the tax reports are prepared in accordance with the latest regulations. In addition, users can also access expert advice from qualified accountants and tax specialists who can help them with any queries or concerns they may have.

Cryptiony also provides a range of services to help users save time and money. These include a cryptocurrency tax calculator, portfolio tracking, and automated tax filing. All of these features make the platform a great tool for individuals and businesses alike.

Overall, Cryptiony is an invaluable resource for those looking to file their crypto tax reports in a timely and accurate manner. With its innovative platform, expert advice and range of services, it is the perfect solution for anyone looking to stay on top of their crypto taxes.

Oorbit & LG Electronics Join Forces to Bring Immersive Gaming to Smart TVs

• Oorbit, a 3D cloud-based platform, has announced a strategic partnership with LG Electronics to bring immersive gaming to smart TVs.
• Through the partnership, LG and Oorbit users can access virtual concerts on Elynxir from Pixelynx and AI generative multiplayer games in Auxworld from Auxuman.
• Pooya Koosha, CTO and Oorbit cofounder, noted that the company has been developing hardware and software for the last decade to meet immersive gaming needs.

Technology has been advancing rapidly and the gaming industry is no exception. Oorbit and LG Electronics have announced a strategic partnership that will bring immersive gaming to smart TVs. This partnership marks a huge milestone in the gaming industry as it will bring virtual concerts on Elynxir from Pixelynx and AI generative multiplayer games in Auxworld from Auxuman to users.

The partnership between Oorbit and LG Electronics is the result of a decade of development to meet the needs of immersive gaming. Oorbit is a 3D cloud-based platform that acts as the connective tissue between virtual worlds, making it easier for developers and brands to bring their experiences into the metaverse. Pooya Koosha, CTO and Oorbit cofounder, noted that the company has worked hard to make the metaverse accessible for all.

Jung Sung-hyun, head of the content service division at LG Electronics Home Entertainment Company, believes that the partnership is an important step in the gaming industry. With this partnership, LG and Oorbit users can access virtual experiences that are both interactive and engaging. The technology is expected to revolutionize the gaming industry and bring a new level of entertainment to users.

In addition to virtual concerts and games, the partnership will also bring other experiences to users. Features such as 3D audio, support for multi-devices, and access to the Oorbit SDK will be available. This SDK will allow developers to create custom experiences that are tailored to the needs of the user.

The partnership between Oorbit and LG Electronics marks a new era in the gaming industry. The technology is expected to revolutionize the way users experience virtual worlds and bring immersive gaming experiences to smart TVs. With the metaverse gaining immense momentum through NFTs and blockchain technology, the partnership between Oorbit and LG Electronics is poised to disrupt the industry significantly.

Xiaomi-Händler in Portugal akzeptiert jetzt Bitcoin-Zahlungen

Der offizielle portugiesische Shop des chinesischen Elektronikriesen Xiaomi ist eine Partnerschaft mit Utrust eingegangen, um Zahlungen in fünf Kryptowährungen freizuschalten.

Xiaomi-Händler in Portugal akzeptiert jetzt Bitcoin-Zahlungen

Der chinesische Elektronikhersteller Xiaomi ist das neueste globale Unternehmen, das sich in der Kryptowährungsbranche engagiert, da sein offizieller portugiesischer Shop jetzt Bitcoin (BTC)-Zahlungen akzeptiert. Ebenfalls wird die Akzeptanz von Bitcoin Future diskutiert.

Mi Store Portugal, der offizielle Xiaomi-Händler, kündigte am Mittwoch auf Facebook an, dass er es Kunden nun ermöglicht, Geräte mit fünf Kryptowährungen zu kaufen, darunter BTC, Ether (ETH), Tether (USDT), Dash (DASH) und das Utrust (UTK) Token.

Laut der offiziellen Website des Mi Store Portugal können Kunden nun an der Kasse die Option wählen, mit Kryptowährungen zu bezahlen.

Die neue Zahlungsoption wird durch eine Partnerschaft mit Utrust, einer europäischen Blockchain-Technologie-Zahlungsplattform, ermöglicht. „Xiaomi ist der zweitgrößte Handyhersteller der Welt, und jetzt akzeptiert auch seine lokale Niederlassung das Geld von morgen“, hieß es am Mittwoch auf dem offiziellen Twitter-Account von Utrust.

Laut Daten des globalen Branchenanalyseunternehmens Counterpoint hat Xiaomi im zweiten Quartal 2021 den globalen Smartphone-Giganten Apple als zweitgrößten Mobiltelefonhersteller der Welt überholt.

Mi Store Portugal ist der einzige offizielle Einzelhändler von Xiaomis zertifizierten Produkten in Portugal, der gemäß der europäischen Gesetzgebung arbeitet, so die Website des Unternehmens. Das Unternehmen hat derzeit sechs physische Läden im ganzen Land und ist dabei, zu expandieren.

Pedro Maia, Marketingdirektor von Mi Store Portugal, sagte, dass der Schritt des Unternehmens, Kryptozahlungen zu akzeptieren, mit Xiaomis Streben nach Innovation übereinstimmt. „Wir sind eine technologische, innovative und disruptive Marke. Deshalb wollen wir immer einen Schritt voraus sein. Wir wollen allen echten Technologie-Fans die Möglichkeit geben, ihre Lieblings-Gadgets mit dem derzeit ‚technologischsten Geld‘ zu kaufen.“

Wie bereits berichtet, hat sich Portugal in den letzten Jahren stetig zu einem kryptowährungsfreundlichen Land entwickelt, wobei die lokale Regierung keine Steuern auf den Krypto-Einzelhandel erhebt. Anfang dieses Jahres begann ein lokales Energiehandelsunternehmen, Bitcoin als Zahlungsmittel für Stromrechnungen zu akzeptieren.

Nieuchronne przełamanie ceny Bitcoin: Dlaczego byki i niedźwiedzie BTC walczą o 52 000 USD

Bitcoin musi pokonać dużą przeszkodę na poziomie 52 000 USD, aby mieć szansę na przełamanie nowych szczytów w krótkim okresie.

Cena Bitcoina ( BTC ) umacniała się w ostatnich tygodniach, ponieważ nastroje i tempo spadły do ​​indeksowania.

To bardzo naturalne, ponieważ za każdym razem nie można też rzucić szóstki

Dlatego konsolidacja i korekta są niezbędne, aby rynek mógł się doładować przed wznowieniem trendu wzrostowego. Podano kilka powodów takiego działania naprawczego w poprzednich tygodniach, z których głównym była sprzedaż wielorybówoprócz czynników makroekonomicznych, zwłaszcza wzrostu rentowności papierów skarbowych .

Jednak cena Bitcoina wróciła do krytycznej strefy oporu, aby można było ją kontynuować. Jeśli ta strefa oporu zostanie przełamana, ponownie pojawią się nowe maksima wszechczasów.

Krytyczna strefa oporu Bitcoina wynosi 52 000 USD

Jak pokazuje powyższy wykres, cena BTC ma ciężkie czasy, aby przełamać strefę oporu na 52 000 USD. Ta strefa oporu ma kluczowe znaczenie dla dalszych wzrostów, ponieważ otworzyłoby to bramę w kierunku 55 000 do 56 000 USD.

Niepowodzenie ponownego przebicia się przez tę strefę oporu byłoby utrapieniem dla byków Bitcoina i otworzyłoby drzwi do ponownego przetestowania krytycznego poziomu 46 000 $. Potwierdziłoby to również dalszą słabość dla BTC / USD, ponieważ nadal jest on o 17% poniżej obecnego rekordu wszechczasów na poziomie 58 000 USD .

Jednak byczym aspektem tej struktury jest liczba testów, które widziała strefa oporu. Biorąc pod uwagę, że ta strefa oporu była wielokrotnie testowana, z każdą próbą powinna się osłabiać.

Zatem kolejny test strefy oporu powinien wygenerować dalszą siłę przebicia ceny w kierunku 55 000 USD.

Dolar wykazuje siłę obok 10-letniej rentowności

Głównymi przyczynami słabości Bitcoina są odradzający się dolar i rosnące 10-letnie zyski skarbowe .

Jednak, jak pokazują wykresy, oba te rajdy stoją teraz w obliczu stref oporu. Jest mało prawdopodobne, aby dolar się umocnił, ponieważ ta kluczowa strefa oporu powinna się utrzymać. Jeśli utrzyma się ta strefa oporu na poziomie 92,50 punktów, spodziewany jest ponowny test strefy 91 punktów. Taki ruch prawdopodobnie podniósłby cenę Bitcoina.

Obligacje rządowe również stoją w obliczu kluczowego obszaru oporu, który powinien również uniemożliwić lub przynajmniej zahamować jakikolwiek impuls wzrostowy. W 2021 r. Plony wzrosły o prawie 75%, co ogólnie jest gigantycznym posunięciem. Stąd testy w dół stają się coraz bardziej prawdopodobne, zwłaszcza że plony wchodzą w duży obszar oporu.

Tak więc odwrócenie wzrostu kursu dolara i rentowności powinny mieć pozytywny wpływ na cenę Bitcoina. Niemniej jednak warto zwrócić uwagę na kilka rzeczy, które muszą się najpierw wydarzyć, aby BTC / USD wznowił hossę.

Cardano: liquidity mining on Binance Smart Chain and a progressing ADA price

Cardano’s cryptocurrency has seen a stratospheric breakthrough in recent weeks. And the arrival of ADA liquidity mining on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) could continue to support the project …

ADA liquidity mining on Binance Smart Chain

The Venus protocol, which uses the Binance Smart Chain, announced the arrival of ADA liquidity mining in its 2021 roadmap . Cardano’s native cryptocurrency can therefore be used as collateral for borrowing and lending on Venus. The protocol did not specify when the feature would be released to the public, though, although it is known that this will happen during the year.

This news allows ADA to gain a foothold in the particularly dynamic sector of decentralized finance ( DeFi ) . Cardano is indeed still in transition to the Goguen era, and therefore cannot for the moment offer DeFi projects natively. It is therefore possible that investors wishing to do ADA liquidity mining will turn to this type of ancillary solutions, without waiting for Cardano to directly offer similar services.

The ADA price has exploded

We explained it to you at the beginning of the month, the course of the ADA has progressed greatly in recent weeks . In two weeks, Cardano’s cryptocurrency market cap has doubled, and altcoin is now firmly established in the top 5 most capitalized currencies, with $ 27.7 billion . Over this period, the price of ADA thus rose + 178%:

In recent days, the ADA has hit the $ 1 threshold, and is currently trading at $ 0.87. The crossing of this important psychological threshold could trigger a new bullish push for the Cardano asset.

Max Keizer säger nästa stora företags Bitcoin-köpare

Max Keizer säger nästa stora företags Bitcoin-köpare är Oracle’s Larry Ellison

Det är säkert att säga att Bitcoin-antagandet nu är över taket. Den största kryptovalutan stiger högre varje dag och bryter gränser. Bitcoin såg en ny heltidshöjd den 8 februari, klättrade till 47 513,57 dollar innan den nådde tillbaka till 47 053,09 dollar och har nu ökat med över 20% under det senaste dygnet.

Bitcoins starka fart och starka resultat under några månader har drivits av den nya vågen av institutionella investerare som går ombord på BTC-fartyget. En av de saker som Bitcoin Future saknade under åren i finansvärlden var förtroendet hos stora finansinstitut. Det verkar ha förändrats nu eftersom många miljoner institutioner köper och går ombord på Bitcoin i hopp om att få en vacker avkastning i framtiden eller använda den som en värdeförråd.

MicroStrategy, Grayscale, Jack Dorsey’s Square Inc och nu Tesla har alla bidragit till det institutionella inflödet på bitcoinmarknaden och köpt Bitcoin med aktieägarnas medel. MicroStrategy spenderade totalt $ 1,57 miljarder dollar på Bitcoin-köp och har nästan fördubblats i värde.

Max Keizer, en pionjär i Bitcoin, och medgrundare av Heisenberg Capital har nu avslöjat att Bitcoins nästa stora företagsköpare är amerikansk miljardär, affärsmogul, investerare och medgrundare av Oracle, Larry Ellison. Bitcoins senaste uppgång tillskrivs till stor del Elon Musk och Teslas 1,5 miljarder köp av BTC. Bitcoins höjning över $ 47 000-marken kom inom en timme efter att nyheterna släpptes.

Elon Musk, VD för Tesla och SpaceX, var inte riktigt ett fan av Bitcoin i ett tidigt skede, men har sedan dess cirklat tillbaka och godkänt kryptovalutan flera gånger och till och med på sitt Twitter-konto.

Även om detta bara är rykten är Ellison styrelseledamot

Larry Ellison verkar vara inställd på att följa miljonär Elon Musks fotspår och lägga till Bitcoin i företagets balansräkning. Även om detta bara är rykten är Ellison styrelseledamot i Tesla vilket innebär att han var inblandad i biltillverkarens beslut att köpa Bitcoin till ett värde av 1,5 miljarder dollar.

Musk och Ellison träffades enligt uppgift på Hawaii i december förra året, vilket ytterligare gynnade rykten om att mötet kunde ha varit ett affärsmässigt angående Teslas Bitcoin-köp. Rapporter tyder på att mer än 25 miljarder dollar av institutionella pengar skulle flöda till Bitcoin i år och Ellison tillsammans med sitt företag kommer Oracle verkligen inte vara den sista som gör det om han väljer att köpa Bitcoin.