The popular term „HODL“ turns 7 years old

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The number of Bitcoin millionaires increased by 150%

Analyst service Glassnode reports a surge in addresses storing more than 50 BTC, or, in dollar terms, more than $1 million. The figure rose 150% to 66,540 addresses.

By the way, this makes all early bitcoin miners who mined at least one block (when the reward was just 50 BTC) millionaires.

Today is the anniversary of HODL!

HODL is one of the most popular memes on the crypto market. It means „hold cryptocurrency, don’t sell“. This meme appeared on this day back in 2013, when after the market crash one crypto-enthusiast wrote a thread „I AM HODLING“ in a slightly unsober state.

He wrote that „there are cool traders who know how to catch the lows and lose on the highs, and he’s a bad trader. But he is not a sucker who will sell his bitcoins to good traders in a panic. That’s why he „walks.“

This meme gained cult status almost instantly. Then the acronym „Hold On for Dear Life“ was added to it. And here’s a link to that iconic thread.

DeFi transaction volume exceeds $270 billion in 2020 – DappRadar

The DappRadar portal has released its annual report with the results of the year in the field of decentralized applications. Key takeaways from the report:

  • DeFi app transactions exceeded $270 billion in 2020, a figure that grew more than 12-fold over the year;
  • Throughout the year, there was an influx of funds into the Ethereum ecosystem. The growth of ETH/BTC from 0.018 BTC to 0.028 BTC is a clear indicator of this.
  • Yeald Farming is one of the important reasons for the growing popularity of DeFi protocols.
  • 87% of the total DeFi transactions were made by users of just ten projects.
  • NFT sector showed moderate growth this year, perhaps the growth will continue next year.
  • Among the main limitations of Bitcoin Cycle ecosystem development was named the problem of scalability. One of its signs is expressed by a significant increase in the average price of gas.
  • DappRadar analysts expect DeFi applications to be the main driver of the crypto economy in 2021.

Coinbase may pour into FTX before IPO

FTX CEO Sam Bankman-Fried said his team plans to offer futures on Coinbase as soon as they get clarity from regulators.

FTX is currently in talks with Munich-based financial firm CM-Equity to get regulatory clarity from authorities outside the U.S. on whether and how trading can launch. FTX first partnered with CM-Equity for compliance reasons when it launched tokenized stock trading in October.

As a reminder, FTX also recently launched Pre-IPO Airbnb trading a day before it listed on NASDAQ.

You can sign up for FTX at our link and get a 15% discount on trading commissions.

Who’s leading the Battle?

The situation in the Battle of the Portfolios is changing very dynamically and rapidly. One day I was in the top, and a couple of hours later I was already in 808th place.

Now Augur (REP) and Hegic are in the lead, but no one knows what will happen next. Where are you now?

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Sergey (ICO Drops) – about Narnia, Taleb and big money

It’s a very interesting and somewhat educational interview that will be of interest to old-timers and newbies alike.

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